Why Georgetown?

The term “TEFL Certificate” isn’t regulated in the same way many other academic credentials are, which means that there are large variations between programs. There are three factors that make Georgetown’s program stand out from the rest:

1. Time

Georgetown’s TEFL Certificate Program is an intensive, 240-hour program. You should expect to spend anywhere from 8 to 15 hours on homework each week, as well as seven hours a day in class—including two hours of teaching each day—during the on-campus practicum. Most other TEFL courses provide 120 or fewer hours of coursework.

2. Experience

The on-campus practicum is arranged to give you hands-on classroom teaching experience. Each student designs and teaches a 5-day class to EFL/ESL students recruited from the local community, giving you an opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge from the online course into practice. The practicum isn’t a classroom observation or a teaching simulation—it’s the real deal.

“I always refer to the practicum as a "teaching bootcamp," because after completing that intensive week of team teaching and reflection, I felt as if I could go into any classroom and confidently teach students from any variety of different levels and backgrounds.” – Alison, Spring 2010 graduate

3. Quality

Georgetown’s faculty are recognized as experts in their fields, and Dr. Sherry Steeley, our TEFL instructor, is no exception. She has been teaching the program since its inception and regularly attends professional conferences as both a participant and a presenter. The curriculum is designed to give you a deep understanding of all aspects of TEFL instruction, and Dr. Steeley makes sure you get personalized feedback on your work.