What will I learn in the TEFL program?

“The Georgetown CLED TEFL certification program was a perfect introduction to the field of teaching English. The course gave me an overview of the history of the field, relevant research, and current teaching methodologies. The culminating practicum made me feel ready to take on a class of my own.” - Spring 2013 TEFL Graduate

The TEFL Certificate program covers everything you need to know to start teaching English as a foreign or second language. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Teaching listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation
  • Using a communicative, student-centered approach to teaching
  • Planning lessons with clear goals and varied activities
  • Effectively using textbooks, media, technology, and other materials
  • Using authentic materials and tools
  • Combining traditional and contemporary teaching skills and resources
  • Assessing student achievement

As part of the course, you will put together a substantial teaching portfolio that clearly demonstrates the skills and knowledge you have acquired. Your portfolio reflects the philosophy of teaching you've developed throughout the semester and includes lesson plans and instructional materials, reflections on your practicum experience, and more.