What can I do with my TEFL certificate?

Our alumni have taken jobs and volunteer opportunities all over the world at universities, nonprofit organizations, private language schools, and more. Here are a few examples of where our graduates have gone on to teach:

Others have become substitute teachers, offered their services as private tutors, taken teaching positions with local adult English programs, or gone on to pursue MAs in TESOL and doctoral degrees. For more information about our alumni, see our Testimonials and Alumni News pages.

“The Georgetown program provides a strong alumni professional development network, and instructors remain responsive and supportive of graduates. It has been invaluable in launching me into a new career path, and I would recommend it without hesitation.” –Fall 2012 TEFL Graduate

Because our students are interested in such a wide variety of fields, the Georgetown TEFL program doesn’t offer job placement services. However, we send resources and opportunities to our alumni on a regular basis and maintain a robust alumni network. Our instructor, Dr. Sherry Steeley, continues to support alumni in their new career path even after graduation.

It’s important to note that the TEFL Certificate is not a teaching credential for public K-12 schools. While the program develops student-centered skills and methodologies that are applicable in all classrooms, the requirements for becoming a public school teacher vary by state and school district.