Custom Programs

CLED Special Programs will custom design a training program to exactly suit your group’s needs. We work with teachers around the world at various stages of their careers.

With our programs, teachers discover new and effective ways to reach their students. Our methods are applicable across many cultures and offer teachers flexibility and creativity in meeting their own classroom challenges.

Besides offering programs, we also share our experience and expertise with countries that are expanding their national curriculum to include English at earlier grade levels. In other cases, ministries of Education may wish to start using English to teach other subjects. Where groups of teachers require training to meet new challenges, CLED Special Programs can offer a customized solution.

We will work closely with you to determine how best to meet the needs of your group. Our programs usually combine content instruction with additional activities to create a fuller, more effective learning experience.

Customization Procedure

Customization normally requires the following steps:

  1. Initial consultation
    The Special Programs Director meets with you by phone, email or in person to discuss project goals, training objectives, and post-program follow-up.
  2. Proposal
    CLED Special Programs submits a proposed program design for review.
  3. Contract
    If you agree to the proposal, a formal contract is drawn up.
  4. Needs Analysis and Design
    CLED Special Programs conducts a Needs Analysis to gather more information about the trainees in order to fine-tune the curriculum.
  5. Delivery
    CLED Special Programs runs the custom program for the trainees.
  6. Program Assessment
    Upon completion, the program is evaluated to compare the end results with the initial objectives and to mark out areas to be refined when the program is run again.

Program Features

Some program features to consider:

  • Program Types:
    • Workshops – single or a series
    • Short-term program
    • Joint certificate program with a partner university
  • Location: Training may be done
    • online
    • in the participants’ home country
    • on the Georgetown University campus
    • through a combination of online and on-site.
  • Activities: To supplement classwork, programs could include
    • teaching practice followed by feedback from veteran teachers
    • classroom observations and tours at DC-area schools
    • meetings at national and international organizations
    • guest lectures from expert speakers
    • networking and cultural events
  • Training may focus on:
    • introducing Communicative Language Teaching, where English is taught by using it in recognizable everyday situations.
    • relating best practices in teaching methodologies and materials development to the trainees’ own classrooms.
    • integrating Content subjects and English language learning
    • preparing teachers to transition to a bilingual educational system
    • developing classes on Communicative Business English and case study analyses
    • enhancing the teachers’ own proficiency in English


Our clients have included:

  • US Department of State
    • Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
    • Public Affairs Office, Peru
    • Public Affairs Office, Georgia
  • Madrid Regional Educational Council
  • Ministry of Education, Japan
  • Ministry of Education, Republic of Panama
  • Ministry of Education, Spain
  • Ministry of Education, Taiwan
  • University of International Business and Economics, China
  • Yangzhou University, China
  • Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
  • Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
  • TEFL-China
  • World Health Organization
  • Council for International Education and Exchange
  • PH International

Request a Custom Program

To request a Custom Teacher Training program, contact Christa Hansen, Director of Special Programs and Program Development.