Communication Tools for Success

Communication Tools for Success is a 3-week long pre-term course open to non-native English speakers entering U.S.-based graduate programs. Success in the classroom and the workplace depends upon your ability to take in large amounts of information and to understand rapid-fire communication. Designed to reactivate study skills and increase readiness for intensive programs, CTS provides you with practical techniques and effective strategies for communicating in a fast-paced environment, negotiating an American classroom environment, and working with large amounts of information.

The course introduces academic content and instructional methodologies that will prepare you for your upcoming graduate program. The following course components will help sharpen your academic skills while improving your English language abilities in:

  • reading large volumes of writing quickly and efficiently
  • understanding rapid speech, unfamiliar accents, and idiomatic language
  • negotiating project ideas and plans in a group setting
  • writing clear analyses of case studies
  • researching and presenting a live case study
  • delivering oral presentations, both impromptu and planned

Not sure if this is the course for you? If you answer "no" to four or more questions on our self-assessment test, or have difficulty keeping up with the video excerpt below from a typical MBA course, we strongly recommend that you take the CTS course before beginning your studies.