Dr. Matula in Tbilisi, Georgia, for teaching conference

On June 1, Dr. Suzanne Matula attended the ELCE Program National Conference for English Teachers, in Tbilisi, Georgia, to present on GU CLED's partnership in the English Language through Civic Education (ELCE) Program.

This presentation was given at the program’s culminating conference event. 95 ELCE Program participants, all in-service English language teachers, from seven regions across The Republic of Georgia were invited to present at the conference to share their program experiences, insights and implementation of their newly acquired skills and knowledge. The conference participants represented each of the 3 cycles of the ELCE Program, in which GU CLED partnered with PH International, the Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi, and the English Teachers Association in Georgia (ETAG) to provide intensive and experiential professional development training (including pedagogy and classroom incorporation of civics content) to approximately 400 in-service Georgian English language teachers. The goal of the program was to improve English-language teaching and learning in Georgian schools, in order to support Euro-Atlantic integration, promote Western democratic values, improve students’ capacity for higher and continuing education, and increase marketable job skills among Georgian youth. GU CLED’s role in this project was to provide TESOL expertise for the project including developing the structure of the training program, creating the training material, orienting the trainers to the structure and material, and providing ongoing guidance and support with program implementation. Program partners and members of the Georgian Ministry of Education and Sciences were also in attendance at the conference.

Visit the ELCE Program website for more information.