Dr. Steeley Presents Research Findings on Bilingual Education in Madrid, Spain

Between October 18-19, CLED SP faculty Dr. Sherry L. Steeley attended a research conference at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid on bilingual education, and presented on emergent themes in EFL-to-CLIL transitions. Participation and presentation at III Congreso Internactional de Ensenanza Bilingue is an important follow-on activity to two years of teacher training conducted for English teachers from the Madrid region. These teachers are transitioning to the EU-wide Content and Language Integrated Education model of bilingual education, and participated in intensive training designed by the Center for Language Education and Development. CLED subsequently conducted research on the impact of the training in terms of participants’ performance-based assessments and evaluation, with a particular focus on the educational approaches they developed for implementation in their classrooms. Participation in the conference also incorporated visits to bilingual classrooms in Madrid in order to focus more closely on the evolving training needs of teachers in the CLIL setting in Madrid.

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